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Job Description


POST TITLE:         Child Care Officer   - Residential                      


POST NO:    X0000575


DEPARTMENT:      Children’s Services


GRADE / SPINAL COLUMN POINT:     JE21 (plus two increments)


REPORTS TO:       Senior Care Officer





To provide a range of services and direct care to meet the needs of vulnerable children within an agreed shift pattern in a residential setting to ensure good outcomes for children and families.





Responsible for providing age-appropriate advice, help and guidance for children and families where there are behavioural difficulties and particular vulnerabilities.  Advises and assists service users on budgeting and welfare issues, and acts as a nominated “key worker" ensuring that the day to day requirements of the placement plan are adhered to. Provides services for children and their families within a residential setting or by making visits to individual clients/ carer's within the community, in accordance with National Minimum Standards and Directorate policy. 

Attends, participates and contributes in meetings/case conferences with responsibility to ensure the views and assessed needs of the child remain the primary (paramount) consideration of the proceedings.

Responsible for ensuring that the provision of services complies with departmental policy, and records, both manual and electronic are maintaining strictly in accordance with Directorate policy and legislation. 

Responsible for writing and submitting reports to child care reviews and other meetings. 

Responsible for planning and co-ordinating services with other professionals/agencies as required by Child In Need/Care Plans for individual clients, to ensure that the assessed needs of Looked After young people are met.

Is responsible for implementing a Care Plan ensuring a child’s primary care needs, including the administering of drugs and medication, are met in line with required Directorate policy and procedure, and therefore assisting the Council in discharging its statutory corporate parenting responsibility for those NELC “looked after children” in residential care.

Takes responsibility for shift-leading within the home, and in so doing complies with the relevant National Minimum Standards, and Directorate Policy and Procedures in providing for the safe and secure running of the Children’s Home.

Prepares food and meals, delivering children’s dietary and health requirements and plans to comply with Policy and Procedure.



Job Responsibilities



The National Minimum Care Standards require care officers to be competent in the following: -


Is capable of working on their own initiative.

Basic residential child care skills and team working.

Specific child care approaches and skills appropriate to the home’s purpose and function.

Exercising appropriate positive means of control over children in the interests of their own welfare and the protection of others.

Recording skills.

Use of restraint.

Dealing with sexuality.

Communicating with children, including those with disabilities.

First aid.

The provision of purposeful and enjoyable activities as part of positive care experience.

Staff supervision [for staff with supervisory responsibility].

  1. Interview techniques [for staff with recruitment responsibilities].
  2. Specific child care approaches, knowledge and skills for their role in the home.
  3. Working with families.
  4. Undertaking risks assessments.


  1. Normal and abnormal child development.
  2. Permitted and prohibited disciplinary measures.
  3. Use of restraint.
  4. Child protection.
  5. Issues of race, ethnicity , religion and culture.
  6. Dealing with sexuality.
  7. Health education relevant to growing children including diet and nutrition.
  8. The implications of HIV and AIDS when looking after children.
  9. Health and safety at work, including food hygiene and safety with medicines.
  10. Fire precautions.
  11. First aid.
  12. The Children Act 1989, the Human Rights Act 1998 and other relevant legislation.
  13. Complaints and representations procedures.
  14. The requirements of these National Minimum Standards.















  2. Ability to maintain clear and accurate records
  3. Team worker and able to work on own initiative
  4. Effective communication skills
  5. Understanding of individuality of clients
  6. Understanding of the needs of the Care Group
  8. Ability to maintain confidentiality
  9. Prepared to undertake appropriate training
  10. Basic knowledge of the needs of children and families. 
  11. Ability to respond to children’s needs
  1. Knowledge of care planning approach
  2. Preparing reports
  3. Able to carry out relevant administrative tasks when required
  4. Advanced IT skills
  5. Skills in a relevant specialised area of work   

Basic IT skills

Application Form

Preliminary Interview

Formal Interview Group work exercise



Written Tests

Relevant Experience



  1. 1 year’s experience working in child care
  1. work in a caring role, with various client groups
  2. Worked as a designated key worker

Application Form





  1. Literate and Numerate



  1. NVQ Level 3 in caring

Application Form


Written tests

Working Arrangements and

Personal Availability

  1. To work flexibly, i.e. shifts, weekends, Bank Holidays
  2. Must undertake NVQ Level 3
  3. Be committed to ongoing training



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Deadline: 31 January, 2024

Experience: Intermediate


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At the heart of ERA is a belief that we should invest in people to help them become the type of worker that businesses are looking for. We understand that it can be hard to find or keep in work and that you might need extra help, advice or support. Let our specialist team help you find long term employment today! Need some help or want to chat about training? Give us a call on (01472) 236 688 today or visit our helpful contact form