Ethical recruitment

A new kind of employment agency.

It’s time to try a different approach

ERA is a new type of employment agency.

It brings together all the services you need to help you get into paid work and develop your career.

ERA is a small team of experienced specialist recruiters who take pride and time with both our candidates and clients. With a professional, yet personal approach to get the right ‘fit’ for our candidates career path and our client’s needs.

Our ethical, “not for profit”  approach ensures we are committed to our candidates and clients best interests, while investing in our community and local economy. 
Our ethos allows us to ensure our candidates are earning the best rate they can and also gives our client cost effective charges with total transparency.

Your first step is to come and talk to us.

Let us help you get back into work

We’ll spend time with you to find out what you want to do, what experience you have and help identify any areas that may be holding you back from finding work or getting the job you really want.

This gives us a plan of action which we will work with you on and could include:

• Training opportunities to fill any skills gaps
• Putting you in contact with local employers looking to fill job roles and contracts
• Giving you the opportunity to be involved in local community projects.
• Signposting you to any additional services you may need such as housing or debt advice


What's on offer

Job Opportunities

Working with local employers to match employees to jobs

As an ethical employment agency we work with both employers and employees to help fill local job opportunities with skilled and motivated workers. We work closely with local companies and businesses to find out what opportunities they have and what they are looking for in their workers. This allows us to match you with the opportunities, or help you get the skills employers are looking for. Forcing people into jobs they are not suited or qualified for only results in unhappy workers and employers, so we make sure both sides are happy.

Training Opportunities

Helping you to gain the skills you need to be successfully employed

It can be a vicious circle that you don’t have the specific skills or qualifications you need for a job you would like, but the cost of getting these qualifications is beyond what you can afford, especially if you are unemployed.

We can help in a number of ways:

  1. We work with you to identify what skills and qualifications would be most useful to you in your job search.
  2. We use local training providers to get you the best training for you career.

Community Projects

Working to do something positive in the community

If there are no immediate job opportunities we have many local community projects and opportunities that you can get involved in to enhance your CV, for example you could become a Digital Champion.


Why ERA?


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