4Youth Team Leader - £20,666 pro rata - 25 hrs per wk

Grimsby, United Kingdom On-site £20,666 Annually


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Job Description

Centre4 was established in 1995 to support the ongoing regeneration of Grimsby and North East Lincolnshire. 

Our modern, Wootton Road Community Hub puts an array of activities and services at your fingertips, whether you are looking to squeeze in a workout at our Community Gym, reduce your weekly shopping bills at the Community Shop or get access to practical help and support for a variety of issues, then our team is here to help. 

The Centre4 team is on hand to provide free and friendly support about benefits, debt and money management, housing, employment and much more. Many of our services stretch beyond our Centre and we can deliver services throughout North East Lincolnshire and surrounding areas. 

Our Vision 

Support and enable the communities of North East Lincolnshire and surrounding areas to thrive and live happier, lives. 

We are a value led organisation and remain committed to being:  

  • Compassionate - We will care, show kindness, and a willingness to help others in all that we do. 
  • Honest - We will be honest, truthful, open and sincere to others, everyone we work with and for.  We will do what we say we will do. 
  • Inclusive – We will admire, value our communities, our staff and volunteers challenging oppression valuing the diversity of our communities. 
  • Empowering – We will support others to achieve their aspirations and to be stronger.  We will involve community members in all aspects of service planning. 

Our revised 5 Pillars of our Strategic Plan 2023-2028 will include: 

  1. Children, young people and families  
  2. Health and Wellbeing including advice and guidance  
  3. Community engagement, education and employability 
  4. Financial sustainability and human resources  
  5. Facilities and Welcome 

Youth4 Programme  

Centre4 is beginning a new area of work with the development of a purpose built youth facility on its Wootton Road site, planned to be completed by summer 2024. We will launch a programme of youth activity from autumn 2023 to involve the youth in the development of the provision and are looking for a team that will grow with us at this exciting time. 

Centre 4 has been successful in an application to the Youth Investment Fund (YIF) which is nationally worth over £300m of capital and revenue grants, funded by the UK Government.

In partnership with the Youth Investment Fund ( YIF ), Centre4 aims to create, expand and improve local youth facilities and their services in the out of school youth sector, to drive positive outcomes for young people, including improved mental and physical wellbeing, and skills for life and work.

The YIF is a commitment to young people to transform and level up the out-of-school youth sector, specifically, but not restricted to, South Ward. In consultation with young people it will provide truly innovative youth facilities at Centre4 in levelling up priority areas, and early-stage/seed resource funding to underpin them, enabling more positive activities that deliver improved outcomes for young people, and looks to create a self-sustaining model to go beyond the three year initial funding stream.

Centre4 has the task of building a dedicated youth work facility, developing a comprehensive open youth work offer and accommodate partner organisation who wish to develop their youth work offer further.


4Youth will be delivered with the following aims and objectives: 

  • To provide young people with safe and inclusive space and activities that build their confidence, skill and improve their emotional health and wellbeing, with access to social interaction and increase engagement in community activity  
  • To build young people’s resilience in order to reduce risk factors in relation to offending, anti-social behaviour and exclusion from education.  
  • To develop a Youth Leadership Programme  
  • To ensure that the Voice of all young people is valued and heard to inform the programme  
  • To embed equality, diversity and inclusion in all of approach and delivery  

Role Information

4Youth Team Leader

The Role

This is an exciting opportunity at the start of our new 4Youth provision. The 4Youth Team Leader will lead our 4Youth team to provide a range of activity and opportunity for young people aged 11-18 years, such as group work and one-to-one and outreach support to promote engagement and participation of young people.  

You will be responsible for the planning, oversight and delivery of all 4Youth activity, developing activities and tailored packages which will require specific skills around organisation, creativity and building positive relationships with young people.  You will lead a team of people in programme delivery, ensuring safe and inclusive practise at all times. 

The role carries responsibility for the safeguarding of young people accessing 4Youth, with involvement in case management, assessment and one to one support, committed to and involved with multi agency practise. 

We are looking for someone who is passionate about improving the lives of young people on the Nunsthorpe and Bradley estates and wider communities of Grimsby and North East Lincolnshire, with a commitment to working within our values with drive and vision. 

Accountable to: Director of Children, Young People and Families  

Accountable for: 4Youth Workers, Apprenticeships and team  

Salary: £20,666 pro rata (£31,000 FTE, or £34,000 FTE/increasing to, upon evidence of/completion of Youth Worker Level 6 qualification) 

Hours: 25 hrs a week with funding available to increase to full-time in April 2024. Working mostly out of school hours to deliver youth programmes with some planning at other times. Initially working Mon-Sat with the ambition to open seven days a week.

Place of work: Centre4, 17 Wootton Road, Grimsby, DN33 1HE and offsite site community activities as needed

Annual leave: 21 days/year plus bank holidays, increasing annually to 25 days/year 

Benefits: Health and wellbeing schemes, Community Shop, on site café, free car parking, low cost gym access, work-based savings scheme, cycle to work scheme 

Subject to: Satisfactory enhanced DBS, reference checks and six-month probationary period 

Whilst we seek to appoint someone with all the relevant skills, experience and qualifications as described below, we recognise that the role requires qualifications that may not be readily available in the area and we are keen to recruit the people with attitudes, values and drive to improves the lives of young people. If you don’t feel that you meet all of these requirements but are interested in being involved, please do get in touch for a conversation. 

Job Responsibilities

Key Tasks and Responsibilities: 

To work with the Director of Children, Young People and Families and Senior Leadership Team to develop and review operational planning in relationship to the 4Youth programme, ensuring that objectives and targets are met  

Leading the 4Youth team to develop and deliver a programme of open access youth activities, outreach and detached sessions which will involve working evenings, school holidays and weekends; to reflect the programme objectives. 

To work with the community and partners to develop a collaborative approach to the programme, ensuring partnerships are effective to meet the needs of young people.

Develop a range of opportunities and activity that promotes young people’s health and wellbeing, social interaction and development, including leadership and volunteering programmes, advocacy and learning and development initiatives.

To work collaboratively with the 4Youth build team to ensure that young people influence and are involved in the construction phase of the build, ensuring that their voices are heard and the facility reflects their design and needs.

To ensure that all activities and services are planned, delivered and evaluated in consultation with youth, ensuring that all voices are valued and heard within the immediate community and beyond, with diverse methods of interventions that will promote the engagement of young people 

To engage with all stakeholders to ensure that a range of activities and services are delivered to meet the needs of young people across the borough, with specialist services available through partner collaboration 

To advocate on behalf of young people on issues of concern to them in their community, and in relevant professional settings. 

Ensure that all activity works within the framework for the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults, ensuring that all activity is planned and delivered to meet robust safeguarding practices, acting as Designated Safeguarding Officer. 

To oversee the caseload management where one-to-one support is needed, and providing one-to-one support within your own capacity. Ensuring that assessments and reviews are carried out, with action plans that reflect the voice of the young people and progress monitored.  

To provide leadership to the 4Youth team, ensuring they are recruited, inducted adequately and supported to carry out their roles effectively as individuals and a team, with a focus on health and wellbeing, continuous professional development and inclusive practise. 

To ensure that all activity strictly operates within GDPR policy and guidance, promoting confidential activity with young people.

To embrace equality, diversity and inclusion and ensure that services and spaces reflect the diverse nature of our community, where all young people feel safe, welcome and valued.

Ensure that sufficient staff are in place to deliver the range of projects, providing management and support that ensures safe and effective practise with a focus on the team’s emotional health and wellbeing 

To ensure all of the 4Youth Team continue with their Continued Personal Development and utilise the robust training budget that is available to ensure their personal progress and benefits to the success of Centre4 4Youth programme. 

To develop and lead a team of volunteers to support the programme, ensuring that training and development opportunities are available to them.  

Working with the marketing and communication team to ensure an effective strategy that promotes the 4Youth programme, creates and optimises opportunity and generates income.

Proactively engage with networks, forums and local services to promote 4Youth and youth services across North East Lincolnshire.

To work with teams to ensure that monitoring and information systems are in place to meet programme and funding requirements, monitoring and recording all practice using the required data management system and Centre4 recording templates.  

To work with the Senior Leadership to ensure that policies and procedures are adopted, reviewed and implemented accordingly.

To work with the Director of Children, Young People and Families to ensure that the provision meets its income generation targets  

To ensure that all activity is delivered within the programme budget and financial processes are maintained.

To work with the Director of Welcome and Facilities to ensure that the 4Youth provision adheres to all health and safety policies and procedures and the building space is maintained.





Criteria/How Measured/Rank

Codes: A = Application I = Interview E = Essential D = Desirable  

Relevant Experience 

Substantial experience of working with young people in a diverse range of youth work environments. A/I-E 

Experience delivering a range of interventions such as one-to-one support as well as staffing large group activities A/I-E 

Experience of leading youth work activity sessions and be able to respond to individual and community need and include delivering well-being support A/I-E 

Experience of leading teams that bring out the best in people to meet the needs of youth and organisational objectives A/I – E

Education and Training

Qualification in related subject e.g. Youth Work, Counselling or equivalent Community work-based experience and at least a Level 3 Youth Work qualification, aspiring to Level 6 Youth Work within an agreed timeframe. A/I-E/D

Safeguarding A/I – E

General and Special Knowledge

Excellent ability to engage with young people, understanding their needs, ambitions and struggles, working with them to achieve their best outcomes A/I – E

Ability to engage with young people and the community to design services and activities that meet their needs A/I – E 

Experience of and a strong ability to lead a project, understanding principles of design, delivery and review to meet objectives A/I – E

Develop positive partnerships and work alongside other agencies to support young people using a variety of settings and a range of positive activities to support young people.  A/I-E 

Strong safeguarding knowledge, with a commitment to ensuring that all activity is delivered within policy and practice and reflects local and national guidance with a multi-agency approach A/I – E

Experience of supporting young people to reflect, understand behaviour change, tackle issues, navigate conflict and ensure that all activity promotes cohesion A/I – E

Excellent and effective communication skills and the ability to communicate with a diverse range of people, making everyone feel welcome, included and valued A/I – E

Good emotional intelligence and ability to exercise professional curiosity to understand and respond appropriately to a diverse range of people A/I – E

To be able to quickly establish rapport and build a relationship of respect and trust A/I – E

Ability and willingness to be flexible, responding to the needs of the service and meet a diverse range of customer needs A/I - E

Experience of assessment and action planning that works with people to achieve their best outcome, understanding caseload management A/I –  E

Excellent administrative and organisational skills with the ability to set and prioritise objectives A/I – E

Excellent ICT Skills – particularly Microsoft Office- and willingness to work in a digital environment A - E

Experience of managing teams in a complex and supportive environment, managing their caseloads, providing safeguarding support and supervision A/I - D

Ability to publicise and market work A/I - D 

Working with parent/carers and the wider family to have an understanding of approaches that support the health and wellbeing of young people A/I - D 


To be an advocate for the values of Centre4 A - E  

A cooperative approach to working within Centre4 and with all stakeholders A/I – E  

An open approach to working that seeks opportunity and inspires ingenuity A/I - E  

Honesty and integrity A - E    

Additional Factors 

Robust understanding of practice that works inclusively and a commitment to upholding equality and diversity principles. A/I - E

Car driver and access to transport to attend meetings and events in the area and beyond A - E

Ability to work flexibly, with the need to cover the operating hours and potential development of the 4Youth offer   A - E

Willingness to access training and development opportunities A/I – E

Right to work in the UK – A - E

  Equal Opportunities 

Centre4 is committed to equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion in its recruitment and employment practices, as such we welcome applicants regardless of race, sexuality, gender, religion, disability or age 

 Safer Recruitment  

Centre4 is committed to the welfare and safety of children and vulnerable adults in all of its operation and adheres to Safer Recruitment practice; the role will be subject to an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Check at enhanced level. 


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Deadline: 29 August, 2023

Experience: Senior

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Office Time: Monday to Saturday

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