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Everyday life is increasingly reliant on using technology.

Do you need help using technology?

Being able to get competitive utility deals, video calling our loved ones, bidding for more suitable social housing, banking or simply finding out what is going on in our community; all require the use of technology.

If this is something you are not familiar with, it can put you at a disadvantage.

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Learning new things like this can seem really daunting and often the help is only available online, which sort of defeats the object!
We know that learning by being shown on a one-to-one basis is by far the best way to pick up new skills.

It allows the learning to go at your pace and to focus on the areas you specifically want to know about.

Everyday life is increasingly reliant on using technology.

Who are our Digital Buddies?

Our Digital Buddy volunteers have a passion for helping people and understand the difficulties people can have when solving their everyday digital problems.

They help people master their digital and online challenges on a range of devices including mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Typically, this could be help using social media, using your phone to take photographs or access the internet or more specific help with the completion of online forms or making online comparisons.

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Struggling With Digital Exclusion?

If You need help and support with IT and Computers then the team at ERA are here to help. Our Digital Buddies volunteer their time to provide one to one training helping you to learn and develop your skills in a way that works for you.

Fill out our application form using the button below to be paired with a Digital Buddy.

Alternatively, why not give us a call on (01472) 236688

Make a difference and help others as a Digital Buddy

Are you good with technology?

Digital exclusion is an issue for many of our most vulnerable people. It can prevent them getting competitive energy deals, making job applications, keeping connected with family and friends and finding out what is going on in the area. So much of our everyday life is now dependent on the use of technology and if you are not up to speed, it can seem like an overwhelming hill to climb.

This is where our Digital Buddy Volunteers come in. Think you can help? Click the button bellow to volunteer.