Congratulations Susan Betts on Passing HGV License and Gaining Employment! Great News

We are delighted to congratulate another one of our HGV candidates, Susan Betts on passing her HGV level 1 training.  Well done Susan, we always believed in you!

ERA, from their community support fund, were able to pay for the training of 6 candidates to complete the training package to become HGV Level 1 drivers and gain employment.  Susan has just become the 5th to pass and go into work.

ERA worked in partnership with local training provider, Modal and Transafe Training to support the candidates all the way through the process.  Transafe‘s support to Susan has been fabulous, giving here extra training to get her through the tricky elements.

As Susan said:

I passed my HGV 2 first time with only 2 minors. The next step was HGV 1, this was more tricky as I needed extra hours to help me with my reversing as I failed that step twice. But 3rd time lucky I passed that step and went onto pass first time on the road test with 5 minors.”

“Since passing I have signed up with an agency Silver Arrow working for Brit European, delivering new chassis and tractor units around the country.  I’ve not been here long but I am loving it. My confidence has grown and I get to see more of the country I live in”

I would definitely recommend ERA and speak to them to find out more how they could help with a new career.”

We are so pleased for Susan and wish her well in her new role. Thanks to Modal and Transafe for working with us and going the extra mile – it was definitely worth it.  What a great outcome. We should all be proud – safe driving Susan and best wishes from Rachel and all the Era Team.